IdealCup - 355ml

IdealCup - 355ml
Designed to reduce waste caused by single-use cups and lids, IdealCup is the first reusable coffee cup to be conceptualised and manufactured in New Zealand. This 355ml cup is manufactured from BPA-free polypropylene and features ergonomic fins around the cup to disperse heat, allowing the cup to be carried comfortably on the go. IdealCup's secure lid is manufactured from BPA-free polyethylene and sports a smart rotating sipper plug to ensure there are no leaks or spills. IdealCup is proud to have achieved the rigorous Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) tick of approval for their reusable cup - one of only two manufacturers in New Zealand to be granted the certification. Both the cup and lid use plastics that are made in New Zealand. IdealCup has a strong ethos surrounding their product, using effective product stewardship to ensure the IdealCup creates as little waste as possible. While each IdealCup is designed for a lifetime of reuse, every IdealCup can be returned to IdealCup HQ at the end of its life to be ground down and repurposed into new IdealCup products. The cup and lid can be mixed and matched in any colour combination from the available colours at no extra cost. Up to five different colour combinations are included in the price and more are available for an additional charge. The IdealCup logo is moulded into the lid and the base of the cup. Please note that this product cannot be supplied unbranded or without the IdealCup branding. Handwashing is recommended for this product.
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Dia 97mm x H 121mm.


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QuantityUnit Price
Code Description Quantity Due Date Next Shipment
121354 White Cups 820 - 0
121355 Black Cups 280 - 0
121357 Just White Lid 410 - 0
121364 Mellow Yellow Lid 55 - 0
121362 Trinidad Orange Lid 180 - 0
121361 Mighty Magenta Lid 88 - 0
121365 Fire Engine Red Lid 130 - 0
121360 Kermit Green Lid 250 - 0
121359 Teal Green Lid 270 - 0
121363 Super Duper Blue Lid 270 - 0
121358 In the Navy Lid 450 - 0
121356 All Black Lid 300 - 0

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